meet anna gifty

Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman is a Ghanaian-American researcher, writer, author, commentator, and activist. She co-founded The Sadie Collective, the only non-profit organization addressing the pipeline and pathway problem for Black women in economics, finance, and policy, and the viral and award-winning digital campaign #BlackBirdersWeekIn 2020, she became the youngest recipient for the CEDAW Women's Rights Award by the UN Convention on the Elimination all forms of Discrimination Against Women, which was previously awarded to U.S. Vice President, Kamala Harris, and U.S. Majority House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

She specializes in data-driven solutions that address the future of work and its implications for Black people in both corporate and academic spaces. Her advocacy and research have been featured by press and media such as Teen Vogue, The New York Times, and Slate Magazine. Her expertise lies at the intersection of social justice and quantitative analysis, which allows her to provide a unique lens on pressing topics across economic policy to media outlets such as Bloomberg, NPR, Fortune, Marketplace, and The Guardian. 


Forthcoming work of hers includes two books: THE BLACK AGENDA (St. Martin's Press, 2022) that features leading Black voices across policy, healthcare, and media; and Knock Those Doors Down (HMH Books for Young Readers, 2023), that chronicles the story of Dr. Sadie T.M. Alexander, America's First Black Economist. She is a former Harvard Visiting Research Scholar in Economics, and alum of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Currently, she is a doctoral student in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School and chairs the Advisory Board for The Sadie Collective.