Selected Press Features & Original Works

Newsweek: Economics' Silence on Racism with Dr. Dania Francis

The Financial Diet: Black Women Best: Economics Has a Diversity Problem.

Economic Policy Institute: Why Do Black Economists Matter?

The Verge: How one viral video sparked a Black birders movement online

CNN: These Black nature lovers are busting stereotypes, one cool bird at a time

Slate: How Wikipedia Became a Battleground for Racial Justice

New York Times: A Year After a #MeToo Reckoning, Economists Still Grapple With It

Wall Street Journal: Economics has a Race Problem
The Chronicle for Higher Education: Being a Black Womxn in Economics.
New York Times: Op-ed about Black Women in Economics with Dr. Lisa D. Cook.
The Baltimore Sun: Interview about Generation Z and the workforce.  

Selected Interviews & Podcasts

ASAPScience Sidenote: WTF is Economics?

Marketplace: The pipeline problem for Black Women in Economics

Ologies with Alie Ward: BlackAFinSTEM with various Ologists

On the Evidence: Building the Pipeline of Black Women in Economics

NPR : Economics excludes Black Women 
Pitchfork Economics with Nick Hanauer: Economic woman 
Skive0 Radio: Episodes 62 (Most recent)